Political thriller This Is the President will be released on December 6 on Steam, THQ Nordic announced.

In This Is the President, you get to play as a multi-millionaire businessman with a shady past who becomes the President of the United States of America in 2020. His only chance to avoid retaliation and escape justice for past crimes is to ratify the 28th Amendment to the Constitution, which will guarantee the privilege of any President's lifetime immunity.

On the way to this goal, players will need to manage a team of qualified people and make sure the Amendment is ratified. Cope with both past and new problems, fight your political competitors, media, the establishment, as well as foreign leaders.

You will face tragic, absurd, ridiculous, and terrifying events and situations throughout the game, resorting to blackmail, threats, and bribery.

The game's developers promise an exciting and immersive storyline with various turns of events.