The creators of the upcoming game project Horizon: Forbidden West revealed a new trailer, which gives us a closer look at the new machines expected in the game.

A new colorful video showcases machines that rule the local lands. They are all different: aggressive or peaceful, small or huge, but Aloy will have to face all of them.

Fans Turned Horizon’s Aloy Into Her Perfect Version
At the time of this publication, ApexAlphaJ’s post received more than 6.7 thousand likes and 24 thousand retweets. Many users also began to change the design of the characters to “perfect,” thus creating a real flash mob.

The three new machines are the armadillo-like Rollerback, the majestic Sunwing, and the acid-spitting Slitherfang that slinks across the ground. They all live in the sandy and rocky regions of the Forbidden West that is also portrayed in the trailer.

Horizon: Forbidden West is slated to be released on February 18, 2022, on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.