Creators of Horizon Forbidden West shared a new trailer featuring both familiar and new and mysterious tribes.

In the video, we can see representatives of the following tribes:

  • The Oseram tribe has already been introduced in Horizon Zero Dawn. They are a technologically advanced tribe known for their craftsmen and metalworkers.
  • The Carja tribe of desert-dwellers worshipping the sun also returns from Horizon Zero Dawn.
  • The Utaru is a new tribe that inhabits the area of Plainsong. This tribe can be seen singing songs to heal the dying lands.
  • The Tenakth is another new and hostile tribe of battle-ready warriors.

However, this is not the complete list of the tribes of Horizon Forbidden West. Another tribe is referred to as a group of Tenakth rebels led by Regalla. At the end of the video, we find out that there is an even stronger tribe that Aloy has yet to encounter.

Another trailer featuring machines of Horizon Forbidden West has also been released.

Latest Horizon Forbidden West Trailer Focuses on 3 New Machines
A new colorful video showcases machines that rule the local lands. They are all different: aggressive or peaceful, small or huge, but Aloy will have to face all of them.

Horizon Forbidden West is slated to be released on February 18, 2022, on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.